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You can start selling pre-paid airtime within minutes.

You can buy airtime at a discount of up to 5% and resell it to your clients, friends or family.

The system we use is web based and you can also use it on your cell phone if you have a "Smart Phone"

To start buying airtime at a discount you must register for free at Airtime4profit.co.za

You can buy pre-paid airtime for the following networks using our system:

Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin Mobile, Telkom, Worldchat, Neotel, WorldCall, 8.ta, Bela, Eskom. You can also recharge our special low call cost handsets if you have one. Talk to us about it. (Note: there is no discount on ESKOM, it is for convenience only.)

If you run a business, sell more than R10,000.00 worth of airtime per month and have a computer and printer in your shop you can get even bigger discounts. Click here for more information

Two Systems to Choose From:

We have two different systems available:

1. For the entrepreneur and normal guy - The web based system for entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals who would like to buy their airtime at a flat rate of 5% discount. This system is available at http://www.airtime4profit.co.za , is really easy to use and runs 24/7. Read the easy steps below to see how it works.

2. For the bigger business - POS System. If you run a shop or business where you sell airtime we have a system where you can get slightly more discount. You also get to use our free POS software in your shop. If your monthly airtime sales are in the region of R10,000.00 per month or more, please click here

How Does it Work?

Buying airtime with Airtime4profit is very easy:


You must register (free and without any obligation) at http://www.airtime4profit.co.za


Deposit funds into the FREEPAID instant clearing account. The account holds your credit balance in your 'wallet' until you need Airtime, then deducts the cost of the voucher when you order. It's that simple

FREEPAID has been delivering airtime recharge systems for more than 8 years and is one of the most respected players in the pre-paid arena.

Once you made the deposit and the funds is available in your account you will receive an SMS to notify you and you are ready to buy airtime. They have an FNB account, so if you do an EFT from another FNB account it clears in a matter of seconds, although the first deposit takes longer. If you do a transfer from another bank it will clear only once the money is in their account, so don't fax any proof of payment unless asked to do so. Payments from other banks take a day or so to arrive at FREEPAID.

You will find the banking details on http://www.airtime4profit.co.za when you are logged in.


Once you have money available in Your Airtime account you can now buy pre-paid vouchers.

Note that your available balance will always show at the top of the web site as indicated below.

First you select the network

Buy pre-paid airtime at a discount

Then you choose the size of voucher you need

Choose pre-paid airtime

Then you choose how many of those voucher you want to buy

How many airtime vouchers

IF you choose only 1, you will then be given the option to either , view on screen, print it, email it to yourself or SMS to your client or yourself.

Sending options for pre-paid airtime

IF you choose more than one voucher then you cannot SMS it, then you can only choose between emailing it to yourself or printing it

Buy multiple airtime vouchers

And that is it, within seconds you have your pre-paid airtime voucher.

The system always shows the face value of the voucher but when you buy the voucher it will only deduct the face value minus 5% from your available account. Note in the area above the network selector box, your available balance will always show there, so you will know how much money you have available to buy airtime.

If anything goes wrong with the voucher for some odd reason, please call the call centre on 08761-77-88-00


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